Friday, October 31, 2008

~Happy Halloween~

And , here they are...our totally spooky and yet all original Jack-O-Lanterns!!
From L-R, Matt's, mine, and Carters!! We were so excited to carve pumpkins this year with Carter just knowing that he would love it....well we were expecting a little too much. He was tired, he was grumpy and wanted absolutely no part in the big carve night. So, as Matt prepared us a wonderful warm meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese cut out like bats I tried desperately to get the pumpkins porch ready! So, without any templates and just a little creativity above is what we came up with. After dinner and after Carter went to bed, Matt joined me and carved his own. Maybe next year will a little more smoothly!

Carter loved looking at the pumpkins until we ruined it by asking him to touch the insides which he didn't even try but apparently the looks of it were enough to turn him off.

Check back later for more pics from the Zoo Boo and from Trick-or-Treating...I didn't want to ruin the surprise by posting pics of his costume too early!


Erica Russell said...

Your pumpkins are awesome and put ours to shame! Carter will like it next year! Have fun trick or treating!!

Nana said...

Great pumpkins!! You guys are very talented. Just wait, Carter will love touching that gooey stuff next year. Have fun tonight.

Sara said...

Gee whiz, crafty craftswoman! You need to start your own magazine, "Jamie Wynberry Living" or something.

auntiea said...

ok so the pumpkins turned out soo cute. i dont know what you were talking about on the phone. I think it is so funny that Carter wouldn't even touch the guts!! oh and ITS NOT TOO EARLY TO PUT UP THE COSTUME PIX!!!