Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Nothing says Memorial Day Weekend like a backyard cookout, camping, and the Indianapolis 500 this year we did a little of it all!
This is the 100th year celebration of the track being open to racing. Above is the float that celebrated the very first race at IMS, which was a Hot air Balloon Race.
If you are from Indy or have ever even heard or watched the race then you know that nothing screams Indianapolis 500 tradition better than the signing of "Back Home Again in Indiana" by Jim Nabors, which is probably why he got the largest applause at the parade!

Here we are just hanging out, having fun, and trying to beat the heat!

After the parade we went to Nana and Papaw's house for a cookout and the kids nearly fell asleep during their tractor rides. Taking tractor rides is one of Carters absolute favorite things to do while at Nana and Papaws. It is so sweet to watch him having so much fun in their backyard. It reminds me of when I was little running around, throwing sticks in the creek and selling tomatoes out of that same little red wagon.

On Sunday, we headed to McCormicks Creek to hang out with my other sister who decided to miss the parade festivities to go camping instead. As you can see in the picture above, Carter really takes horseback riding very seriously!

Wow, and this is why we love to camp with the kids....they are covered from head to toe in dirt, eating s'mores, running around non-stop having the time of their lives, and their little smiles just confirm how much fun we were having!
Now we just cannot wait until Father's Day weekend when we actually get to camp ourselves along with all my sisters and their families.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "Dune Truck"

Yay, it finally arrived....Carters backseat for the Bronco that is! Once we told Carter that Matt had ordered his new seat he asked us probably 20 times a day if the "mail truck come?". He watched out the window, checked the front porch, and talked about it constantly. And then, one day while he was napping, it came!!! And when we he woke up I told him the great news and that we would need to wait for daddy to get home from work, and well, as you can see that is exactly what the did. Carter ran to front door to make sure it was there and then he proceeded to sit outside for like 30 minutes just sitting, watching, and waiting on Matt! Once Matt brought it into the house Carter even helped him put it together by reading the "structions".

And here he is on his first "dune truck" ride!!

Matt and Carter taking the Bronco for a little spin!

Live Green

Well, as you can see Carter and I did a little Earth Day project a few weeks back and I am just now getting around to sharing a few pictures. But since I am so late adding these, I am honored to tell you that our little seeds have begun to sprout!
Carter is becoming quite the little gardener these days. Yesterday he was out planting flowers, pulling weeds, and collecting earth worms in his bug catcher. Or I should say, I was collecting them for him....he wanted the worms in his bug catcher but wanted no part in picking them up. He was all curious about the worms face, legs, and "where his eyes go, mom?"....just how do you explain the anatomy of a worm to a 2 year old. I am open for suggestions.