Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple Works Highlander Festival

A few weekends ago we headed down to good ol' Trafalgar IN for Apple Works Highlander Festival. There were arts, crafts, bagpipers, apples, and of course Carters favorite was the canon shooting!! The whole way home he kept saying, "mama, boom! dada, boom!!" I think he liked it!

Below is a picture of a few of the participants in the weekend, all dressed up, living out of tents, and cooking over the fire.

I just love this little barn. I think it is so pretty sitting against all the green. This cute little barn has tons of little games for kids to play including a bamboo maze, rope climbing, and a huge slide, which Carter and daddy thoroughly enjoyed.

Carter and Daddy loving the slide!

It is so funny to see this picture because last year we have a very similar picture from a different orchard and I can remember that last year I couldn't be more than a foot away because Carter couldn't stand very well and I was so afraid he would fall. Well, this year I couldn't be more than a foot away because Carter wouldn't stand still long enough for a picture. Isn't it funny how fast they grow??:(
(I would have posted a comparison but that is just one of many photos I lost when my computer crashed last week) I mean I have hard copies but no back-up.

As many of you may know Carter basically is in love with anything that has tires or engines. So you can imagine how excited he was when he saw this life-size homemade toy tracker. It took everything we could think of to get him away from finally took a little bribing with the item below, which too has tires, an engine and even steam! You guessed it, Carter's other obsession TRAINS! Choo-Choo!

Carter and I loved our little ride on the train around the farm. We sat in the tender car right behind the conductor and Carter thought he was just the coolest little thing around!!


Nana said...

What a fun day! I am sure Carter was having a blast with all the trucks and trains. He loves his trains!

Holly said...

Looks like you guys had such a good time...Ceili loved riding on that train too!! Carter cracks me up with his obsession with tractors and trains!!

Shawna said...

Looks like you had an awesome day! Wish I could've seen you this weeekend, but it was great playing with Car Car!!

auntiea said...

yay! lots of new posts to read!! Looks like you guys have had a wonderful fall. Lots of fun fall festivities! He is such a little man, it amazes me how quickly they develop into such big kids~