Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ashby Inn

This past weekend Matt and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary...yeah!! So, to celebrate we took a nice little 9 hour road trip to Paris, VA and spent the weekend at the Ashby Inn. Its a modest little town of only 49 residents that are all proud to boast about the fact that there has been no reported crime since the early 1930's when a lawn mower was stolen and even more proud to be know as the home of the famous Ashby Inn. It was named one of the top 10 B&B a few years back and it definitely lived up to its reputation. The food was fabulous, the views were gorgeous and the people well they were just absolutely delightful. So completely hospitable!

The Ashby Inn founded in 1829

The Library at the the inn where Matt and I shared a lovely evening of hot Peppermint Patties and a decadent dessert before heading back to our room.

A view from our room. I just loved waking up and opening the balcony door to listen to the birds, feel the crisp morning air, and watch the sun shine on the hills. It was too pretty!

Matt and me taking in the views from Skyline Drive, a lovely 30 mile stroll through the mountains with breathtaking views.

The church in Paris!!
Isn't it just beautiful? At night it was really pretty as well with all the stain glass and the lights shining through. And, my most favorite part, while I lay in bed at night and looked out of the skylight, I could see the cross of the steeple right through the window...kind of peaceful.

Matt and I had a wonderful time and the trip was well worth every mile but we both woke up Sunday and could not pack quick enough to get back home to see our sweet Carter...whom survived just fine without us!!


Nana said...

What a beautiful place!The leaves are awesome. I love the little church. Glad you and Matt had fun. Happy 5th Anniversary!

Erica Russell said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember being pregnant at your wedding and not knowing it yet. The pictures look awesome!

auntiea said...

these pictures are amazing!! you should sell them to them for their advertising. they are seriously breath taking. I am so glad you guys had a wonderful time enjoying a few nights to yourselves.