Friday, August 12, 2011

To love this place

It only took one night to love this place. We woke the very first morning feeling like we had lived here 100 years. With it's big front porch, wood floors, millions of windows, cozy fireplace, big backyard, it just feels like "us"! We have spent the summer watching little birds be hatched in our new lilac, clipping numerous roses from the beds, and planting and painting and grouting a little too! We have a few projects under our belt and a few more underway! But we are taking our time and trying to enjoy this place that is so easy for us to love!

We had our very first get together on the 4th of July for our 1st Annual Slip 'n Slide Party! I am telling you now, if you missed it you truly missed one heck of a time. From BBQ and sweet tea to rum runners and corn on the cob to a 100 foot slip n' slide there was a little something for everybody! And by all the smiles we saw I think everybody had a pretty good time!

I simply cannot wait until next summer for round II !