Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Matt and I thought long and hard about Carter's 1st Halloween Costume. We had a costume party to attend and since he isn't quite walking yet and we had to hold him most of the night, we thought his costume should compliment ours. Who am I kidding, he was the whole reason we did the costume!! So, Matt and I dressed up as pirate's and he was our little Parrot! He was just too cute! He loved all the feathers and he would get really exciting and start shaking his legs and flapping his wings...I mean arms. I spent hours preparing his costume and it was so nice to hear a three year old say "He's a parrot!" All that hard work payed off...he was a hit!!

The three of us before our costume party debut!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A day with the cousins!

This past weekend Auntie Nawna (my sister Shawna), Uncle Don, Shae, Ty and baby Keira all came in town to visit! Auntie A (my sister Ashley) came in from Chicago as well. It was so nice to have all of us sisters together and even better to have all the kids together at such a fun time of year! Saturday morning we packed up the cars and headed to Watermans Orchard to pick out pumpkins; this is the orchard I remember going to as a child to pick strawberries! It was really neat being able to have all the kids there together. They had a blast walking through the field to see if they could find the "best" pumpkin. As you can see, Carter picked one nearly double his weight and far to heavy for me to carry, so a photo will just have to do!
Above: Keira 9 1/2 mo., Shaelyn 9, Ceili 2, Tyler 5, and Carter 8 mo.

Carter and his Nana in the Watermans' barn! He does love her to pieces never mind the grouchy was nap time! And yes, I know we are missing a shoe. If you have ever had a 8 month old you will know that it is impossible to keep those on their tiny little feet.

On Saturday night, we all ventured up to Conner Prairie to see the Headless Horseman. We took the kids on a haunted wagon ride where they got the fright of their life, okay so not really but it was really cute and the kids enjoyed so much they wanted to do it again. While at Conner Prairie, we also listened to ghost stories around a campfire, walked through a field of scary scarecrows, had kettle corn, and apple cider....all the signs of a fall festival.

Nana and Papaw with Carter at Conner Prairie.
By the way, Carter just loves this little bear hat. When we were trying it on at the store to see if it would even fit his big head, he got really exciting and starting kicking and laughing....we just had to buy it! I think he likes how soft it is, or who knows, maybe he wishes he was a bear for Halloween. Sorry, no bear costume this year...stayed tuned to check out his costume!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

On Friday, Matt took the day off to hang out with Carter and me....the weekends are just too busy any more! So we took advantage of our day together and took Carter to his very 1st Pumpkin Patch at Huber Winery. It was wonderful. There was a chill in the air, the leaves were in color, and what more could we ask for, there were tons of pumpkins to be picked! Above, Carter is posing for a few pictures on the tracker and the pumpkin wagon. He got all the ladies attention while we tried taking these pictures. They were passing by saying, "Awe, look at him", "Look at the baby", "Isn't that cute!". Of course, Carter just smiled and took it all in! What a sport!

So here we are picking out his pumpkin! Carter just loved it! At first he was more interested in the grass, the leaves, the vines and then he finally discovered that if you tap on the pumpkin it makes a sound. He was all smiles for the camera after that!

Carter standing next to the giant Huber Orchards Measuring Stick out in the field. We thought it was a cute way to show how tall he was at his first pumpkin patch experience, but on closer examination, the ruler is a little off. It says he is only 2 ft tall, but really he is 28 inches. Oh well, it may be a little off but the concept was still cute! We had so much fun spending the day at such a beautiful orchard. Now we just cannot wait to get home and carve those pumpkins! More pictures of that I am sure!