Thursday, October 16, 2008

IRISH you were there....

to see Notre Dame's win over Stanford!! If you have never witnessed an ND game firsthand it is definitely a must see! We have been lucky enough to see two games at the stadium thanks to our brother-in-law Tim and we have had a blast each time! Thanks Tim for the invite!!
Here is Alex during one of many of his push-up sessions! I think he was raised something like 50 times during the course of the win!! It is so funny to watch the stands and see all the bodies being hoisted overhead counting down all the points! Looks like fun, doesn't it??

The Dome!!

and inside the Dome!! It was so pretty with all the murals and woodworking, just beautiful!

The Cathedral
I would have loved to have gone inside but by time we got over in that direction we arrived just in time to see the players file in for Mass before the game.

Touchdown Jesus

Alex and Tim sporting their ND ware. Alex got his new shirt of the game as part of his "Alex Package"!

Matt and I at the stadium

Ok, so we were standing street side waiting for the parade when this ambulance pulled up blocking the street....apparently an elderly man felt faint. The whole crowd had to change positions as the parade was rerouted another direction. Ok not a big deal but we didn't exactly get to see all the parade like we had hoped. But while standing there, Tim was like "Hey, get a picture of us in the window" Then he proceeded to say, "now, that is not a picture you see on your blog everyday!" Too funny. He knows me so well! So, Tim, here it is! We are squeezed into the lower right corner of the bigger window...see Matt, Tim and Alex??
Oh, by the way, the man that felt faint....well he walked onto the ambulance,no stretcher needed, and left without sirens so I believe he is fine!!
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Sara said...

How fun! Love the ambulance shot, but I couldn't find you's still funny though. Speaking of ND, I have a friend Abby ( who named her son Rudy. I guess her husband had an uncle named Rudy, but they also happen to be big ND fans. So there you go, another name idea if you don't go for Briggs.

Nana said...

Love the pictures of ND. I love the Cathedral and the Dome. Could look at them all day. Looks like you had fun and it was a beautiful day.

Shawna said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day on the good ol Fighting Irish campus! One of these days I'll make it to a game!! Love yoU!

auntiea said...

oh i am jealous ! i would love to go to a Notre Dame game. and have to say clever title....