Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Miracle and Birthday Wishes!

Christamas 2006

We celebrated Christmas Eve by first attending Mass and then Holly prepared a wonderful dinner for all of us. As always, the Mennel girls opened the first gift of Christmas the night before and to much of our surprise it was PJ's as always. Some things just never change!!

Christmas Day was spent eating a fabulous breakfast at mom and dads followed by hours of gift giving, talking, and then eating once again at Grannys. It was nice to spend time with everyone!

The Wynberry's all got together for Christmas at Tim and Traci's on the 26th for yet another wonderful meal and family time. The boys enjoyed opening their toys only to find out that the new cars they opened had to be charged for 8 hours before use!

Matt's birthday on the 27th was full of wonderful surprises and blessings. Matt and I went for our follow-up ultrasound and found out that or prayers had been answered when the doctor told us that the Complete Previa had moved out the way and that we could continue with the rest of the pregnancy without problems! What a Christmas Miracle and yet another Birthday Wish comes true!

Some Assembly Required


Smile for the camera!

Grab a brush, a little paint, and lets get rollin'! Matt and I had a blast as we worked on Carter's nursery the past couple weekends! Now there is paint on walls, trim all around, and little blue knobs just waiting to be hung! We placed a chandelier overhead and added rope light for accent! Matt worked really hard to meet the renderings done by yours truly....and it is just beautiful!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Three months and counting......

Wow, how time flies and so do pant sizes. I am currently 61/2 months pregnant and awaiting the birth of our precious little boy. The first trimester brought on sleepiness and did I mention the mood swings. This second trimester has given me my energy back and has given my husband his wife back, mood swings say good-bye! The past couple of weeks I have said good-bye to more than just mood swings, tying my shoes comfortably is almost a thing of the past, and my comfy jeans have made way for the so-much-more comfortable maternity pants.

Matt and I have started the nursery. It is painted in Banana Pudding Yellow and A Simple Pear Green! Can we say that I was just a little hungry as we made our way through the local paint department! Speaking of hunger, a few cravings have included: soup, fruit, peanut butter, and milk by the gallon!

Our sweet little boy is quite the kicker, especially right as mommy is ready to rest and relax! His most active time is 8:00 pm and of course any other time throughout the night! Matt started feeling him kick about 22-23 weeks and has also enjoyed reading to the little one a bedtime story.