Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween!
Above, Carter is posing just before we head out to go Trick-or-Treating! He really wasn't in the mood for pictures but once we told him he would get candy, it was all smiles from there...and he really doesn't even get candy very often, but the offer still worked!
Mommy, Daddy, and our little golfer!!

Papaw and Nana stopped by to see our little trick-or-treater and they even stayed long enough afterwords to join us for some tasty treats!

Here is Carter trying desperately to manage his clubs and his candy...a man should never have to worry about carrying so much that is why tonight, I will be his caddie. Check back later for our costume party pictures!

Here is the little bat bib that I made for Carter!

Last weekend we braved the cold and went to the Zoo Boo with Holly and Justin! Carter had a really good time until he saw a man in a scary mask and then it was all down hill from there. We did however manage to grab a few pictures of Carter with Ceili and Keaton! He loves his cousins so much and we are so grateful to have them if we could only get the rest to move a little closer!!

Carter, our golfer, holding on for dear life shortly after seeing a man in a mask!

Carter and Ceili running off some of their energy before we head to the zoo.

Carter, Ceili and Keaton all excited for the Zoo Boo. Ceili and Keaton's costumes for this year were not ready so Holly put them in costumes they had around the house which I think were just too cute! Cannot wait to see their costumes tonight at the costume party.


Erica Russell said...

How cute is he!!! I love the hat and shoes the best. Looks like he had fun

Nana said...

He is the best looking golfer I have ever seen! He will will no trouble getting a caddie!

auntiea said...

oh my gosh. a golfer.. i never would have guessed he would be that. and oh my gosh, it is tooooo cute!! i love the outfit. You are so creative jamers. Way to go on yet another cute costume, cant wait to see more pics.