Friday, November 12, 2010

When it is 72 in November

you throw on a little sweater and you head outdoors! Today we went to the Indianapolis Zoo with Auntie Holly, Keaton and lil Miss Kenley! And although we saw tons of animals, all eating and playing and roaming around since it was nice, my very favorite part was seeing all the smiles we got out of the little guys. They were just having the time of their lives running around and being boys!
All aboard the Indianapolis Zoo Train!

Really, wow....I just cannot believe that he is nearly four!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't be a Scaredy Cat

It is just the Cat in the Hat!!
I usually try to make Carters Halloween costumes but this year when he told me that he wanted to be Cat in the Hat, I have to admit that I was immediately a little overwhelmed. So I headed out to the store to find a store bought costume only to hear Carter completely disappointed say,"No, mom. I want it to be fluffy". So with that said I headed to JoAnns in hunt of the fluffiest fabric I could fine. Then without a pattern, a little luck, and a little boy patiently waiting, I cut, and sewed, and ripped a couple seams(more than once) and sewed some more just so he could be the fluffiest Cat in the Hat. And it was cute!!
Below we were at Auntie Holly and Uncle Justin's Halloween Party....just one week after the birth of their 3rd baby lil Miss Kenley! I cannot believe they still hosted their annual party but they did and as always it was a good time. The kids played in the leaves, ran around outside, went on a tractor wagon ride and ate more cupcakes and candy than ever!

Then of course on Sunday it was off to go Trick - or- Treating....but after having his costume on 4 days in a row our little Cat in the Hat refused to paint his face for the big day! Oh well, it was still cute and he had a blast running from house to house!

Above Carter Trick-or-Treats at his favorite neighbor Brandon's house! Brandon has a dog and a few nephews that are Carters age so he just thinks that Brandon is the coolest guy ever...and it probably helps that his wife Amanda is very beautiful!

Our super scary pumpkins...Skeleton (Matts), smiley face (Carter) and the witch, well I am sure I do not have to tell you but yes it is mine!