Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Windy City!

Carter got to spend an entire morning hanging out with his Auntie A in Chicago while mommy and daddy went on a sailboat tour! Carter loved spending time with her. They got to play, take a nap, and eat sweet potatoes! Sounds like a blast doesn't it!?

Recently, the Wynberry's spent the weekend at Uncle Travis' house in Chicago to celebrate a few birthdays and Uncle Tim's graduation from Notre Dame! yeah, Uncle Tim!!

Although they may call it the Windy City, you would not have known that the day we decided to go out on a sailboat. There was not a breeze to be caught by the sails and the water was still as glass. However, we still managed to have a good time and enjoy the water! Above is the view we had from the boat!

The whole gang, minus Carter, enjoying our sailboat ride on the Red Witch!

Here is Capt. Jack, Admiral Alex, and Patrick steering the boat out of the harbor! Jack was so excited to be a real "Captain" for the day!! He did inform me however, that a "real" pirates boat would have been much larger! Alex and Patrick got us sailing by helping the First Mate hoist the sails.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hilton Head

After a 13 hour car ride (more like 20 with a baby), a short stay in Charleston, and a few dozen trips from the front seat to the back seat to soothe little Carter, we finally arrived! So here we are in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Home of the Palmetto Tree, golf courses, and sandy beaches! Carter loved the waves as they crashed against the shore but the sand however, he wanted nothing to do with. He stopped crying just long enough for me to grab a few pictures and then he was off to nap under the beach umbrella.
We took the opportunity to snap a few sunset pictures after we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Hudson's on the Dock!

The guys tried their hand at fishing in the lagoon and Shae and Ty loved watching. They would sit there so brave (there are alligators you know) until the guys reeled a fish in and then all you would hear is little feet hitting the deck, running away from a fish all of five inches long. Don't ask the guys about it though; to them the fish had to have been at least a foot long and so heavy it nearly broke the rod. Their fishing stories are almost as good as their golf game!
Here is Shae in the best seat in the pool. Halfway between the hot tub and the pool....not to hot and not to cold. That seat was just right!!

Here's Carter sporting his surfer suit while he hangs out in his crab!!

For Tylers birthday party at the pool, Shawna filled up water balloons and let the little ones battle it out. It was so cute watching them run around having so much fun! Below is a picture of Tyler with his arsenal of balloons... by the looks of it he means business and is ready for battle!

Nana and Papaw with Carter and me after dinner and just before sunset! Full bellies, beautiful scenery, and wonderful company. What could be better? Perhaps having Auntie A there next year!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Simply Savannah

At the Riverfront in Savannah, we spent the day shopping and looking at the all the really old buildings and beautiful homes. We ate lunch at The Cotton Exchange and enjoyed watching a barge make its way up the river! Tyler was amazed at how such a large "boat" could make it under the bridge.
Since we had walked our dogs off and it was so hot, I guess you could say we had some pretty "Hot dogs"....anyways, we took the opportunity to sit when we could and before heading back to Hilton Head we treated ourselves to some ice cream!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Granny

Before we headed to Hilton Head, we were so lucky to stop in Charleston to visit Nana and Papa Wynberry and Carter got to meet Little Granny for the very first time. By the smile on both of their faces, they loved it! Little Granny just could not get enough of him and she just adored his big beautiful eyes!

Here is Nana and Little Granny dancing in the living room; they were so good they didn't even need the music!

Nana's cousin Joanie was so nice to bring Little Granny and Aunt Margaret to visit us in Charleston. She is a very special lady to take such great care of those we love! We had such a wonderful time and we cannot thank her enough for making the trip!

Here is Joanie rocking with Carter. She had the touch of a grandma; just a few minutes in her arms and he was if she could have only held him all night!

We are so fortunate that we were all able to spend some time together. It isn't very often that you have four generations all under the same roof!