Friday, September 26, 2008

Just the two of us!!!

On the south side of town, there sits a little red barn with white trim windows, an old black lab basking in the sun, and the smell of apples all around. This is Adrian Orchards, a place that I have come to my entire life for their truly awesome, in-a-league-of-its-own, fresh apple cider. And now, I get to witness Carter experiencing the fun of the place first hand. This is where we come to weekly for our date day. We usually grab a seat right out front, share an apple, have some cider, and sit there listening to the birds and watching for airplanes...he never lets one go by unnoticed. This past week when we pulled in Carter was just too sweet and said, "Momma, Mmmm", as he got all excited to go in and get his free apple. And that alone was enough reason for me to continue this weekly date day...just the two of us, sitting there enjoying each other and our apples.
Above, Carter is waving for me to come-on-in and see the "doggy", which Carter says the dog says "Arr, Arr". Kind of like "Arf, Arf", without the "f", so more like a pirate!

After Carter picked his seat amongst the mums it took like what seemed forever for him to start eating because he had to point to every single flower and say "mum"...he didn't quite get that the flowering plant as a whole is called a mum. He was pretty certain that I needed to be aware of each and every individual bloom.

Carter, can you share your apple with mommy? And this is what I got! Of course, when I went to take a bite he quickly pulled it back and took a bite himself and laughed hysterically...this is his new favorite game, pretending to share.

He loves to walk around and see all the apples that have fallen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our life is a circus...

really it is!! But a few weeks ago we were invited to go along with Auntie Holly, Uncle Justin, Miss Ceili and baby Keaton to see what kind of fun the REAL clowns have at the Circus. We had such a good time! Carter really didn't know what to think of all the men in costumes but he loved the music, animals, and tight-rope walkers!!
Carter, looking just a little afraid or perhaps even a little confused about a guy with a big red nose!
After the show, we had Ceili and Keaton come over to our place to play for a few hours while their mommy and daddy went out on the town. Carter just loves when the Ice Cream Truck comes by our house...which is like twice a day. He starts dancing to the music and goes over to the window to watch it drive by and says, "Ice, Ice, Ice" that many times or more until one of us will acknowledge that we too hear the Ice Cream Truck. I, honestly, have always been a little leery of a man driving a truck prying his business on the taste buds of little children, so we, or I should say, I have never let Carter join in as the neighborhood children flock to the truck. Matt is always telling me that the Ice Cream Truck is really no different than Gymboree or The Childrens Place, both of which I love, because they too are only in the business to get money from little children. Ok, so maybe he is right and since Ceili was over for a special day, I guess it deserved a special treat...and they both loved it!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Maverick, Iceman, Charlie...

an experience that is so completely for Top Gun lovers....The Mount Comfort Airshow! Since Carter absolutely without any doubt loves airplanes, Matt and Papa took Carter to the airshow. Seriously, every time Carter sees or hears an airplane he gets all excited runs to the window or outside to watch it go by then he points to the plane and then to himself and says, "Me, Me!!".
So here are a few pictures from their fun-filled day...Matt really was there just no photos of him:(
The Parachuters
Pickin' up some speed against the resistance of the airflow...kind of neat I thought!!

I thought this picture was really too awesome not to post....nice shot Matt!

This one makes me wonder what exactly are they watching!?!?
(notice they are looking in opposite directions)

Carter and Papa hanging out and sharing a sack lunch daddy packed for all of them. Looks like the three of them had tons of fun together!