Monday, May 24, 2010

Indianapolis Childrens Museum

Last week when it was nasty and rainy I decided to take Carter and Keaton, one of my favorite little godsons, to the Children's Museum. Here are just a few pics of the blast we had.

Carter and Keaton loved seeing Bob the Builder!
Carter takes his turn at the drawing table very serious.

And then it was off to the Barbie exhibit, which I tried to avoid like H1N1 since they are boys and there were like a million little girlies running about screaming but the boys insisted that they don little green tutu's and give it there best of the runway.

Then it was off to something a little more race cars and dinosaurs.

Keaton and Carter "stealing" dino eggs from anothers nest.

The best of buds!!
I have a feeling that this is one of those photos that will melt my heart for years to come. I love these two boys and I love the friendship that they have with one another and it makes me smile when I think of all the trouble they will one day get into together.


At 2 years we tried fruit loops in the potty....that didn't work. At 2 1/2 I tried food coloring in the potty and decorating the potty chair with Spiderman stickers....that didn't work. At 3 years my pediatrician told me to just let him tell me when he needed to try...well, as you can imagine that didn't work either. Since about January of this year Carter has been telling, "mom, I go potty in 5 weeks". Right, that didn't happen either. But last Sunday, when I went to change his pull-up Carter said, "mom, is today 5 weeks?" Umm, yes Carter, today is 5 weeks. And well, that is all it took. It has now been 8 days, only 2 accidents, and our little guy is all potty trained...just like that. Wow, I never new it would be this easy!
and of course, he gives it a big two thumbs up!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ahoy matey

For the last couple of months Carter has been asking to sleep in a pirate bed. So for his 3rd Birthday Matt decided to surprise Carter and build him his bed. So after a few months of it taking up space in the garage and a few different stain colors later, finally Carter has his pirate ship bed and he couldn't love it more!
above Carter gives us a helping hand as we finish the mast and sail!
Awe, I just love the way it turned it! Matt worked really hard on it and i think it is just beautiful! He even made it extra special by adding a trap door so Carter can have a secret hiding place all decked out with rope lighting and some of Carters favorite toys. There is even a reading deck so Carter can sit up front and read or play or steer his ship!

And those are the faces of a daddy and his son who love each other dearly!