Friday, March 4, 2011

A Magical 4th Birthday!

For Carters 4th Birthday we surprised him with a trip to Disney World! So many pictures, so much sun and smiles, and so much fun!

Disney's Electrical Parade is really something to be many lights and floats!

At the Animal Kingdom we enjoyed a nice little Safari drive!

Then we spent the day behind the scenes at Hollywood Studios. Carter was so excited to see the car stunt show which was pretty incredible to watch. And speaking of incredible...Carter got to meet them as well!

We spent a night watching the fireworks at Epcot!

and celebrated Carter's 4th birthday with dinner at the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney!

Awe, to see trees in bloom was something wonderful...the promise that spring really is just around the corner, or at least 980 miles away!

Above, I was so excited that Carter and I were able to get this cute little picture together until I got home and realized that his eyes were completely glued on her (below)...his first Disney love Mary Poppins!

I have to admit, she is beautiful and I don't blame him one bit for wanting to stare at her and then get all bashful when it was his time to see her!
Above Carter and Woody had a little gun smoke exchange while Jessie signed his autograph book. We also were able to ride the Toy Story Mania ride which was like a big 3D arcade game...very cute and one of our faves!

Carter took a spin on the a few of the classics....the Tea Cups and Dumbo. You just cannot visit Disney riding both of these rides!

Our little man became quite the picture poser while we were there and I took complete advantage every single time!

By the smile on his face I think he liked it even if he did say, " that was completely gross" when Minnie kissed his cheek!

Then it was on to something a little more masculine....PIRATES! Carter was even made an honorary pirate by Capt Jack Sparrow!
Above are a few of Carter's favorite rides in Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Aladdin's Magic Carpets and Thunder Mountain!

and of course you just cannot visit Disney as a 4 year old and not get your picture with all the characters and get their autographs too! I tried my hardest to have him stand with a princess but he insisted, "I am not a girl" so I gave in and was just happy that at least he posed with Mary Poppins since she is his favorite anyway!

And at the end of the trip we were "all ears" as he spent the entire 15 hour drive home recapping every single ride and event...he must have loved it!

Good-bye..until next time!