Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I just love it

* when you pull daddy's face closer to yours for a kiss
* when I tell you that I am going to work and you say, "money, for me" and yes Carter, that is the very reason momma goes to work
* when I come home from work and you are always hiding but too excited to see me that you can hardly even stand in your hiding spot.
* when you climb up on the couch and say "tall fork" meaning tall fort and proceed to strategically place all the pillows in different arrangements to build a fort, a ship, or whatever else your little mind comes up with.
*when your ship is complete that you climb inside and say, "I, Taptain Tarter" aka Captain Carter
*when you sit and watch a movie and say you want "pop-porn" completely meaning popcorn
*when we are in the car and you ask to hear your favorite song
*when we are at home and I catch you playing daddy's guitar while singing your favorite song
* when you ask me to "come play" with you
*when you say, "I help you"
* when I have a headache and you ask "mom, you feel?" which not surprisingly always melts my heart and instantly I am feeling better
* when you want us to lay down with you and you cover us with your blanket
* when you say "wove you"
* when we cannot hear you as we drive away so you scream "bye" as loud as possible
* when you insist on wearing your pajama shirts all day
* when you want to wear your Buzz Lightyear socks 4 days in row...we have multiple pair
*when you ask me "why" at least 500 times a day
*when you can recall at least one of the reasons that I gave to your constant "why" questions
* when you ask me to sing to you and then you always pick what songs you want me to sing, and that you always smile no matter how bad or how off key it might be
* when you hold up one finger to your mouth and whisper "shhh" because you had just tucked in one of your many toys for a nap
*when we tuck you in at night and you say "I sleep in your room"
*when you wake up in the morning and say "morning momma, morning daddy"
*when you get a special treat and you say "a prize, for me"
*when I can sit back and watch you just having fun being the absolutely adorable, always curious 2 year old that you are!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Down on the farm

We are so glad that this week was absolutely beautiful. Not only did we get some much needed yard work done but we were also able to spend countless hours playing outside, and yes Chic was included! Matt and I had so much fun watching Chic follow and chase Carter around the yard! You can see in the first picture that Chic already has most of her wing feathers and is starting to get tail feathers also. In just the 1 week that we have had her she has already gotten taller, gained weight, received her feathers, and her legs and feet have gotten bigger and wider. I never knew that a little peep could grow so fast! Since she is growing so fast and has nearly hopped out of her crate a few times we made the trip to my friend Jill's farm so that Carter could see where Chic will be living....with acres up acres for her to roam around with all her little friends and not be cooped up!

Of course, of course, it would not be a farm without several tractors....and yes Carter got to sit on each and every one of them!

Carter and Jill petting one of the little goats!

Momma and Carter petting the goats and then quickly after taking this being nearly knocked over by the sweet little things.

Jill and Floyd also have 30 head of "Buppalo" as Carter kept calling them. It was so neat to see these big animals up close. We were so lucky because two days before we went there they had their first baby of the season, a couple weeks early. If you look you can see the baby laying down by the mom. A few seconds after this picture the entire herd starting running to the back was amazing to see and it really did sound like rolling thunder! If you ask Carter about the "buppalo" his favorite thing to tell you is that he got to see them run!

Just a few of Jill's bigger chickens and her rooster!

Her goats just hanging out and having fun!

Above Carter is just meandering around the farm going from one thing to the next!
The "Scrapalo" was Floyd's winter welding project and it sits out by the road greeting all the passer-bys! Matt was pretty impressed so we drove down and he snapped a few shots of it!

Daddy and Carter heading over to take a look at all the tractors!
We had so much fun seeing all the animals and enjoying the sounds of being miles out from anywhere and hearing absolutely nothing but the goats and the chickens. How peaceful! It was also nice for Carter to see all of Chic's new friends.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and were able to enjoy all the fabulous weather with friends and family!
We started our Easter weekend off on Good Friday by taking Carter to get a spring chicken....and as much of a concrete thinker that he is, he named the chicken "chic".
Above, Carter is taking "chic" out of the box once we got home and kissing her through the crate that has now become her little home.
Our Spring Chick!
No need to worry, the sweet little chicken will be well cared for at my friend Jill's farm once she is too big for us to handle. Until then, we will continue playing with her and watching her grow!

Then on Saturday, Carter had a few guests over for an Eggcellent Party! They had lunch, colored eggs and made crafts! I think that a good time was had by all.

Carter's party guests sitting down for their Easter lunch....don't they just look too cute in their bunny ears?!

After lunch it was time to color eggs for the big egg hunt at Nana's on Sunday.

The cousins and their bunnies pose for pictures after an afternoon full of food and fun!

just a few pictures of the party decor!

Easter morning we were up bright and early to head to church but not before Carter checked out his Easter Basket. Carter really seemed to enjoy all his little gifts especially his bug catcher and magnifying glass. He also got a Buzz Lightyear kite and the Kung Fu Panda movie, which has already been watched and re-watched!
Then it was off to church.
and on to Nana and Papaws for Easter morning brunch which was so completely yummy and egg hunt which was fun!!

Carter takes a break mid-hunt to see if the eggs are all they are talked up to be....must have been because he got up and kept on hunting for a few more minutes anyways until he gave that up to play!

And their off!!
Baby Kalen was there too but not really into hunting this year. Cannot wait to see him out there with all the little ones again next year!

We concluded our little Easter weekend by spending some time with all the Wynberry's at Uncle Tim and Aunt Traci's house. Carter had fun, as always, playing with the boys. The rode bikes, did stunts, jumped ramps, decorated cookies and hunted eggs.

We are just so thankful that all of our family was able to be in town to spend time with us this weekend. We had just a good time seeing everybody and Carter had so much fun playing with all his cousins. We are so lucky to be from such awesome families!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

Easter's on it's to help celebrate we took Carter to see the Easter Bunny after church this past Sunday. As you can see he was really excited to see him or perhaps it was just the fact that he got a sucker. No, really, Carter has been excited and talking about Easter ever since we decorated our Easter Tree out back with 12 little eggs. The whole way over to the mall to see the Easter Bunny Carter kept saying "hop, hop, my house" so when we got there Matt and I both laughed as Carter started hopping in front of the bunny.

Our little Easter Tree....kind of cheesy but I LOVE looking out back and seeing all the color on the tree. It reminds me 1. of when I was little and 2. that Spring is here and soon we will all be refreshed and full of color and life.

Ok, back to the mall. After seeing the Easter Bunny, Carter and Ceili had tons of fun playing and riding on the little cars at the mall. Here they are pretending to sell ice cream. Aren't they just too funny when they are together?

Before we headed home all the dads decided it would be fun to get milkshakes at Johnny Rockets. What a special little treat!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Under that ol' Willow...

were about half a million twigs to be picked up and an entire summer of fun just waiting to be discovered! And it didn't take but seconds for Carter and Ceili to discover what all that old tree has to offer as they were picking "food" for the worms that they had been digging!
Our parents were out of town a few weeks ago so we, I mean us and my sister and her family, all headed over to mom and dads to do a little Spring Cleaning while they were away. It turned into 8 hours of raking, piling, and for the most part just playing. The weather was absolutely perfect so we made the best of it and had a blast together.
Carter and Ceili climbing the good old cottonwood.

Ceili and Carter pitch in and do a little cleaning themselves...i mean after all this is their table! They had so much fun cleaning this little table that they actually came over and helped us clean the other patio furniture. How sweet is that?

Here's Carter taking a little break from cleaning to perfect his soccer skills

Matt and Justin were hard at work putting together the new playground that Nana and Papaw had bought for the kids. Above you can see that Carter and Ceili just couldn't wait any longer to play on it so they grabbed some tools and decided to help!

Here's Keaton testing out the new glider before it is hung!

On your mark, get set, GO!! I cannot even begin to count how many times Carter and Ceili raced down one side and then the other side of the bridge. I guess some things just never get old.

And after a long day of cleaning and playing we all left...still loving one another!!