Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

Yay! Yesterday, I was off and Matt stayed home. So, under 11 inches of snow what better to do than bundle up and head outside! Here are just a few of our time playing in the snow. It took like 30 minutes to bundle us all up to spend maybe 12 minutes outside and then Carter was saying inside we went and spent the rest of the day playing games and hanging out in our pj's!! Let me just say....I love snow days, and Carter loved the snow!

Here are a few of my little snow angels!! And it wasn't long after this that Carter was ready to head inside for a little lunch and story time!

Just a little proof for the record books...and my memory!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So, this week "Jack" became one of Carters new favorite words. It all started Tuesday morning when Carter awoke from a dream, of which he was giggling in, saying "Jack, Jack"! First, let me tell you who Jack is exactly. He is our nephew. He is an 8, almost 9, year old little boy who loves soccer, pirates, Star Wars, and business deals. He is often funny, always sweet, and is now one of Carters favorite people to talk about. And here is how we know!

So, after repeatedly saying, "Jack", all morning he then started saying "Jack, bus". Which also requires me to tell you a little more about Jack and Carters fun together. Jack has a Lego set that comes in a bus on wheels, which just happens to be Carters size. So usually the Legos end up on the floor, Carter ends up in the bus, and Jack is seen whizzing through the house pushing Carter around and around until Carter is laughing so hard he is almost crying. Carter has a blast and I think Jack enjoys just a bit too! And then there was the time that Carter stayed at Aunt Traci and Uncle Tim's house and he got to wait for the real school bus with Jack. So, either he was talking about the bus ride or the school bus but either way it involved Jack and he loved it. So for an entire two days we listened to him repeatedly talking about Jack and the bus.

So, on Wednesday night the three of us were playing and Carter picked up the phone, started dialing numbers, put the phone to his ear and said, "Hi Jack"! We thought it was hilarious so we decided to actually call him. Carter thought that he was so cool talking on the real phone to his obviously new favorite person. It was so funny because Carter was using his one word, broken dialogue to carry on a complete conversation with Jack who probably had no clue what Carter was even talking about. Carter was getting ready to put his Pj's on so he kept telling Jack "truck, truck" because that was what was on the front of the Pj's. Carter thought it was cool and thought that Jack would like it too. Isn't that sweet?!

So anyways, then on Friday, Carter was in my bedroom while I was getting ready. He walked over to the bench that we kneel at to pray every night and he kneeled down, on his own, and said "Sammy, Nutz, and Jack. Amen" (our dog, his bear, and Jack ) and turned to look at me with this HUGE grin. He was so proud that he had just prayed all by himself. And of course, like any mom, with tears in my eyes, I was so completely proud as well!!

Then Saturday we received a little toy magazine in the mail. Now, Carter loves to lay on the floor and flip from page to page inspecting every singe toy but then he came to a page and was saying of course, you guessed it, "Jack, Jack". We looked at each other, and then took a look at the page and it was a Darth Vader mask, which Jack usually sports at least once during a visit to their house. Isn't is funny how soon a child can recall, remember and make connections. I just love watching Carter develop!

Well, anyways, sorry this has been such a long post for really only a four letter word J-A-C-K. But I thought it was funny and perhaps maybe you did too.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Okay, so here are a few of our Christmas pictures. I say a few which probably means more like 10 but it was really hard to pick from the hundreds that I took. We had such a wonderful Christmas and you know me, I just had to capture it all.
This particular picture is my absolute fave!! It was before Mass on Christmas Eve. Carter went up to see the manger scene at church and this is what he did. He just kneeled down and folded his little hands and just took it all in. Sooo completely sweet!
After Mass we went to Holly and Justin's house for a very yummy meal! Here is one of the kids. Well, it isn't the best picture but it is the best of the like 10 that I took trying to get them all to smile at the same time.....nearly impossible!

Christmas morning.....Looks like Santa came!!

Carter extremely excited for his new and very first remote controlled car. He also received from my Granny and Papa Bob a remote controlled Thomas Train....a huge hit as well!

His new little kitchen. It is so funny. I am always telling Carter, "No, it's hot" when he is in the kitchen with me. And now the other day we were playing with his kitchen in the loft and he held out his hand as he was preparing some vegetables and said, "momma, no, hot" and slightly pushed me out of the way. I just had to laugh!!

Mom and dad, aka Carters Nana and Papaw, came over for Christmas morning breakfast. Since they had an empty house this year since we celebrated early with them they decided to make the rounds and come see what all the kids got from Santa. We loved having them over!!

Carter and his new truck that looks like daddy's. Papa Wynberry found this and thought it was hilarious since it matched Matt's. Carter loved it!!

The boys posing for a picture in their new hats that Nana made from them.
And below we all took a minute to get a few pictures since all the Wynberry's were together.

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, more food than we could handle and sweet little Carter reminding us all to celebrate with a child's heart and truly enjoy every second of being together!!