Monday, June 23, 2008

Hands down, he's the best!!

He is just the best daddy that any boy, or girl, could ever ask for! The way he interacts with Carter just fills my heart with joy and my tummy with butterflies. I love to do nothing more than sit back and watch them play. Yes, I usually end up either smiling or crying to see how much they love each other! How lucky Carter is to have such an awesome daddy!
Here are a few pictures of Matt and Carter on Father's Day. We went to Mallow Run's Father's Day Strawberry Festival. It was hot and the shortcakes with ice cream were yummy!

I just love that smile!! He couldn't be happier than he was here playing outside at the winery with daddy! There was food, music, sunshine, and for mommy and daddy a glass of wine!

The next day, actually on Father's Day, we took daddy to the zoo! Carter really enjoyed seeing all of the animals, especially the giraffes that he and daddy got to feed. Yum, Yum!
We even got to watch an elephant being bathed and having his tusk brushed. Too cute!

After the zoo we went to Auntie Holly and Uncle Justin's for a cookout. Carter and Ceili had so much fun chasing each other with the water hose and squirt guns. They are just too cute together! When they see each other their little eyes light up and their bellies start giggling with delight!

Here they are trying to decide who should drive...they both have their own ideas for that one!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A lil' R&R

and a whole lot of sun! We had clear blue skies, warm water, and sand beneath our feet! All of which contributed to the wonderful time we had in Charleston!

The famous Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park was a huge hit with Carter. He got to splash, wade, run through water and even shake hands with a future politician. Seriously, it was by far the cutest thing I have ever seen. A little boy, all of maybe two, came walking up to Carter with nothing but a diaper on and a pacifier in his mouth and just stuck out his right hand for a friendly little hand shake. Carter of course, not being rude, politely shook the little guys hand and then they both turned and walked in different directions. It was as if they were two little old men shaking hands in approval of each other. Too cute and way too hilarious.

Daddy and Carter playing at Waterfront Park.

Here we are with Nana and Papa enjoying a nice hot day at the City Market.

So we completely took advantage of the nice weather and hit the beach for a little sand castle building. Ok, so I didn't exactly get any photos of our little castle in the sand but here are a few of Carter having a blast.

And here is one of Carter loving his momma!

Thanks, Nana and Papa! It was so nice being able to spend time with you both.
We hope you enjoyed our visit as much as we did!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lamb Lake 2008

So, here we are having a blast at the lake. It was HOT and the water was cool...what more could we ask for?!? Except for Shawna and Don to be there next time! Carter thought he was just the coolest kid ever as he got to steer the boat. The horn button was his absolute favorite...he figured that one out in no time!
Here he is hangin' out with a few of his biggest fans....Nana, Auntie A, and Gustavo!

Carter and Ceili diggin' up sand and soakin' up the sun!
Out little water babies have so much fun together!!

Here is a group shot of the us at the waterfall. You cannot really get a real sense of it from this picture but the waterfall is HUGE, like 60 ft and really pretty! We love hiking down to it whenever we are at the lake. This time we took our camera's with us!

Just the three of us posing for a family photo!! Don't know if I have ever told you but I love these guys!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Carter 'N Clyde

NAY!! I mean yay!! It is finally complete. Carter was finally able to ride his rocking horse, which I have named Clyde, that daddy and Papa Wynberry made for his birthday! It is just never too late to get a gift like this. It is just beautiful and absolutely HUGE! I can now see why it took soooo long!

Isn't it beautiful!

Carter loves Clyde so much that if you mention it to him he will walk up and either kiss Clyde as he is doing above or he will pat him on the head as he rides. It is just too sweet for words!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tons of fun in Tennessee

Just a few weekends ago we traveled to good ol' Tennessee to help Nana and Papa Wynberry start packing, in high hopes that soon they will be moving up here!! (fingers crossed as I type). If you look at the pictures you can see that work was seldom and play was often...for at least Carter! It was left up to speed packing during Carters power naps and a few outdoor distractions as we packed while he played. We got a little done but had tons of fun!

Here Carter and Papa play on a wooden slide that Papa made almost 40 years ago....still being enjoyed today!

Carter and Nana busy at work as they decorate the driveway with murals of butterflies and scribbles! My little Monet!!

Tony Hawk watch out!! Carter found daddy's old skateboard and had a blast riding it up and down the drive. A few scrapes later and look he is still smiling!!

At last, a water break from all that hard work. Playing outside just wipes you out!
(notice in the background that some things DID actually manage to get packed!)