Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tag, I'm It....

and you may be next. So, I was tagged this morning by my friend Sara and now I am supposed to write 7 quirky things about myself. Only 7?? How can I narrow it down? Here's my attempt...

1. I absolutely, obsessively only like white clothes hangers. Except for Carter's clothes, and then little baby blue hangers are cute too.

2. I check my alarm at least 3 times each night before I go to bed. Then if I get up out of bed for some reason, I check it again just to make sure it didn't change while I was up.

3. I prefer to only eat one thing on my plate at a time before moving onto the next item.

4. I really enjoy shopping for deals. It doesn't matter if it is clothing, groceries, or furniture, I get really excited when they are on sale!!

5. I can cry at absolutely any time for no real reason at all. Cute commercials, sad situations, funny stories..they all make me a little teary eyed.

6. I despise rude people. Please hold the door for me when I have my arms full or am trying to manipulate my stroller through a door without the push plate. If you don't, I will usually call my husband all upset complaining about some lady he doesn't even know or about a situation he cannot even fix.

7. I once left a salon mid haircut because I was so upset with how it looked, drove 4 miles to another salon and walked in crying, begging for them to fix it! She did and we are still family friends.

There are so many more, but lets face it...do you really want to know how crazy I truly am or can we just leave at this.

Have fun...its your turn.

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Sara said...

That's so funny about you checking the alarm. I vaguely remember you checking it and rechecking it in college. Little did you know I was going to throw bagel pieces at you and you wouldn't need that alarm at all.

Oh, and I'm sorry if I have ever forgotten to hold a door for you. Or if I ever slammed one on your head.