Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh, this made me laugh...

This just cracked me up last night and it was the first thing to make me smile this morning so I decided to let you all in on a little conversation between a three year old and his daddy, while his momma sat right there taking it all in.

so we had just left a Chinese restaurant with take-out and

Matt said: "Carter, they gave you a cookie"

and about three minutes later Carter muttered something of which I understand completely.

but Matt answered "what did you say"

so once again Carter muttered the exact same thing and once again I understood it completely

but Matt said "that is what I thought you said"

and I said " What do you think he said?" because I could tell that Matt either had no clue or he had it all wrong.

so Matt confidently said " he said, Turkeys have wrinkles"

and I burst out laughing...."no, he asked, cookies have sprinkles?"

and Matt replied, "well, for the record, yes turkeys have wrinkles"

OMG, I hope his made you smile but it was really one of the funniest things I have ever heard!
Hope you have a good day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Captain Carter

Wow, it is hard to believe that our sweet little Carter is already turning three! I can remember the day we brought him home from the hospital like it was yesterday! He was 6 lbs 1 oz the day we left the hospital and he had a head full of dark-black-soft-as-feathers hair that I just couldn't keep my hands off of. He was wearing the sweetest little white one-piece outfit with the tiniest little blue stars. Oh, that drive on 465 was the slowest and longest drive of my life....I was so nervous as Matt passed all the semi's that I kept making him drive well below the posted speed. And at dinner that night I just sat there and cried because I was so worried that I would not be able to take care of something so tiny and so completely dependent.

It funny how things have changed....
Now our sweet baby is three and reminds me daily that "I a big boy mom" as he attempts to do EVERYTHING on his own and usually after a couple attempts realizes that there are still some things he needs his momma for.

That same tiny baby is now nearly 30lbs and over 38 inches tall and can be found daily standing on our couch with his arms stretched out wide screaming "I'm Buuuzzzz Lightyear" followed by a nice little launch straight to the ground!

Carter loves to go hiking and told Matt the other day he wants to go "Mike 'n biking" which we discovered he means Mountain Biking! He loves the great outdoors and anything adventurous.

He loves music and dancing and making people smile. He loves books and cars and praying to God. He loves riding his bike and building forts and helping out around the house. He loves his momma and his daddy and yet his favorite people are his Nana's and his Papa(w)'s! He loves khaki pants and riding in the Bronco and loves nothing better than helping in the garden. He loves being loud, running fast, and digging for worms. He loves pirates and "deck shoes" and anything with wheels. He is ALL BOY, and I love it!

I love that he stills likes to sit on my lap and read. I love that he loves doing crafts and making cookies. I love that he stills love to be rocked after his bath and sang to before bedtime. I love that he is compassionate, caring, and crazy at times. I love when he comes up to me and says "mom, I love you" just completely out of the blue. I love that on the days when I head to work he says "mom, go take care of people" and he means it! I love when he says "this is the best (fill in the blank) in the whole word" meaning to say world! Most of all I love that he is still my sweet little baby!

Happy 3rd Birthday Captain Carter

Momma loves you more than words can say.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


and so this is just one of many reasons that I smile at the thought of him!

Carter: I wove you mom

Momma: I love you too Carter

Carter: I wove you back

Momma: Well, I love you even more

Carter: I wove you this much (with his tiny arms stretched out)

Momma: I love you around the world and back again

Carter: Umm, mom, you my heart.

And there is nothing, i mean nothing, that one could say to even come close to topping that and the way it makes me feel every time he says it. I love, in all caps, LOVE that kid!

Friday, February 5, 2010

a line all of his own

So, recently Carter has been coming up with some pretty good pick up lines....

Carter: Hi, nice to meet you!
Grocery Clerk: Nice to meet you too sir!
Carter: What's your dogs name?

What? Really? What almost three year old starts a conversation with a complete stranger? and then when there is a cute little girl around he cannot come up with a thing to say except:

Carter to a cute little girl: (as he hides behind my leg) Hi, I a little bit shy!

and the mom of the little girl: Did he just say he was a little bit shy? That's too sweet, he knows how to win them over all ready!

Lord, help us!