Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh, this made me laugh...

This just cracked me up last night and it was the first thing to make me smile this morning so I decided to let you all in on a little conversation between a three year old and his daddy, while his momma sat right there taking it all in.

so we had just left a Chinese restaurant with take-out and

Matt said: "Carter, they gave you a cookie"

and about three minutes later Carter muttered something of which I understand completely.

but Matt answered "what did you say"

so once again Carter muttered the exact same thing and once again I understood it completely

but Matt said "that is what I thought you said"

and I said " What do you think he said?" because I could tell that Matt either had no clue or he had it all wrong.

so Matt confidently said " he said, Turkeys have wrinkles"

and I burst out laughing...."no, he asked, cookies have sprinkles?"

and Matt replied, "well, for the record, yes turkeys have wrinkles"

OMG, I hope his made you smile but it was really one of the funniest things I have ever heard!
Hope you have a good day!


Holly said...

Thank you so much for the laugh before I go to funny!!!

Nana said...

Just proves that the guys do not listen when we or "our" kids talk!! Thanks for the midday laugh!

Ashley and Brian said...

haha, thats too funny. Id liked to think that Car Car is sitting around thinking about which animals have wrinkles.. so cute! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!!

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Ashley and Brian said...

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