Sunday, February 14, 2010


and so this is just one of many reasons that I smile at the thought of him!

Carter: I wove you mom

Momma: I love you too Carter

Carter: I wove you back

Momma: Well, I love you even more

Carter: I wove you this much (with his tiny arms stretched out)

Momma: I love you around the world and back again

Carter: Umm, mom, you my heart.

And there is nothing, i mean nothing, that one could say to even come close to topping that and the way it makes me feel every time he says it. I love, in all caps, LOVE that kid!


Ashley and Brian said...

he has such a big heart. I just love the valentine heart he sent me. hope you guys had a wonderful Vday.

Nana said...

He is so full of love!! I gave him a popsicle today and he told me I was the best!! Funny what a popsicle will do! :)

G'ma Mennel said...

It was good visiting with you
at Omalia's--fun to see
Carter's "tractor". Thanks for
generating smiles. Sorry about
missing the parties. G'ma Mennel