Sunday, February 1, 2009

SNOW much fun!!!

So, since we had so much fun the other day playing in the snow we decided to head back out for round two. This was like 12 minutes bundling up and more like 30 minutes playing. Hey we are getting better at this whole make-sure-every-inch-of-skin-is covered-thing!!
And just as a side note, if you know me you know that, much like I have a love for freshly vacuumed carpet with nice little lines, I also love freshly fallen snow with no tracks running through it....that was at least until this little guy. Who could tell this heart-melting, spirit-lifting, sweet as honey, little guy no? Not me. And so, no longer am I worried about freshly fallen snow and just been vacuumed carpets. I am just more than delighted to play, have fun, and make the most of every second with this cutie.

That smile says it all....we were having a blast and Carter was having the time of his life!

Yeah, as I said, so much for fresh snow. Not only do we have tracks galore, but somebody also had the BRIGHT idea of adding a little color. Ok, so maybe red wasn't the best choice but we had fun and thats what matters most.

After digging and building it was time to head inside and warm our little hands and bellies. Nothing says "just in from out in the cold" like a warm cup of hot chocolate! yum-yum!

And here is the aftermath...and just as a another side note....yes, I had actually just mopped the floors! But I hope that someday when Carter is talking about me, hopefully he will be able to recall all the fun things that we did together and not just remember that his mommy always had clean floors!


Nana said...

I can truly tell that Carter had alot of fun in the snow. I am sure he had fun putting snow in his dump truck and then dumping it out. I seem to remember some little girls who always like to color the snow they played in...wonder if they are related? I just love Carter's smile, it says exactly what he is thinking!

Holly said...

Looks like Carter had a blast!! Can't wait til the kids can play together in the snow...what fun they will have!!