Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

Yay! Yesterday, I was off and Matt stayed home. So, under 11 inches of snow what better to do than bundle up and head outside! Here are just a few of our time playing in the snow. It took like 30 minutes to bundle us all up to spend maybe 12 minutes outside and then Carter was saying inside we went and spent the rest of the day playing games and hanging out in our pj's!! Let me just say....I love snow days, and Carter loved the snow!

Here are a few of my little snow angels!! And it wasn't long after this that Carter was ready to head inside for a little lunch and story time!

Just a little proof for the record books...and my memory!


auntiea said...

I was so happy yesterday when mom told me that you and matt and car were all going to be home and go out to play in the snow. I thought "wow, what a cute day of memory making". And apparently we are sisters because I was right. Really cute pictures James, You have such a wonderful happy little family!

Nana said...

Glad to see Carter finally got to have snow to play in!! Looks like he had fun! Glad all of you could be home to enjoy the day.