Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'Round Here!!

Hello! Well this past week, like all weeks, we have been hanging out and having fun! Only this week my camera was in arms reach for most of it!! So here you go, a few shots of us bumming around and having a blast!

"Yummo! Bam!" Just a few words Carter uses to describe the pure richness of chocolate cake. Since Carter asked for a "Chachi" cake for his birthday, I spent this past Sunday whipping up a few for practice. Oh, how I hate to pass on the four little metal wires of tasty cake batter but to see his little face all covered with chocolate and that intense look of trying so hard to get every last drop it was well worth it. He became a batter tasting pro and momma saved a few extra calories!!
While I was making cakes, Matt was busy hanging a shelf and Carter was right there to help! Isn't it cute to watch kids try so hard to be little adults. If you look closely Carter is making sure it is level like two feet below where the shelf is actually being hung but he just kept saying, "I help. I help!" And I also thought it was cute that both Matt and Carter situate their stance on their right leg while the left is propped up. Too funny! And yes, Carter grabbed the tool box to help Matt out. Doesn't everybody hang their shelves with a crowbar?? Oh, by the way, Matt wasn't really using any of those tools but how could you tell Carter that?

Arts and crafts are HUGE at our house. I mean HUGE! Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night just thinking of things that I could make with Carter. There is who calls me momma, some that call me mother earth, and yet another who calls me Martha. Really, I don't even come close to being a real Martha but I have lots of fun trying! Above, Carter is showing off his "dirty" hands from finger painting.

Ok, thats it! We are outta here! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

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Nana said...

I love the pictures! I guess you could say "Carter is a chip off the old block", some things are just natural. Carter and Matt have a lot of the same mannerisms. I do think the love of chachi came from his mama!