Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Carter

Wow, it is so hard to believe that Carter is already two. The past few years have been such a blast as we have watched Carter grow from such a sweet cuddly baby into the fireball, full of energy, never resting, always playing toddler!! It just amazes me how much they change in just two sweet years. I remember thinking, this same time last year, will he ever talk? And now, wow, I have a little guy who for the past three weeks has been telling me he wants a "chachi choo-choo cake"....and so of course, that is exactly what he got!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!

Matt has always had the joy of making us our birthday breakfasts which always consist of pancakes in the shape of the year we are celebrating....notice, i didn't post mine from a few months ago! Anyways, above you can see that Carter really enjoyed being daddy's little helper.

Here are the little train engine party favors that I made and was so completely proud of because I thought that they so closely resembled a train. That was until Ceili got hers as she was walking out the door and she said, "Oh, a little girl.....in a fancy dress!" What? Are you kidding? My sister Holly and myself just lost it. Too funny! So, I walked over and said, "what if we look at it a little differently." and she said, "oh, mamie, it's a train!". That a girl! You are so silly! But, honestly I can see what she was thinking. If you look close it looks like a little lady with white hair, killer curves and an apron.

Above, Keira and Carter are enjoying a nice round of Coal Toss.

Tada....here is the cake. Carter loved it with all the colors and all the candies. But most importantly he loved it because it was "chachi"!!


Erica Russell said...

Your cake turned out awesome!!! Wish we could have been there it looked fun! Happy birthday Carter.

Sarah said...

Jamie, what a fantastic cake. I love the theme party too. You are so creative!! I can't believe our little ones are getting so big!!

Nana said...

You and Matt did an awesome job on Carter's party. Carter was so proud of his "chachi" cake!! And he should have been...great job! It is so hard to believe he is 2 already. Where has the time gone? I love watching him play and try to figure things out. He is a very smart and oh so loveable little boy!! We love you!!

Sara said...

Wow! That's really cute! Great job, Suzie Homemaker!

Shawna said...

The party was great! Can't believe he and Keira are 2!! WOW!!

Holly said...

The party was great - Ceili had an awesome time...even if she thought the party favors were little girls with fancy dresses!! The cake turned out ADORABLE...kudos to you!