Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tons of fun in Tennessee

Just a few weekends ago we traveled to good ol' Tennessee to help Nana and Papa Wynberry start packing, in high hopes that soon they will be moving up here!! (fingers crossed as I type). If you look at the pictures you can see that work was seldom and play was often...for at least Carter! It was left up to speed packing during Carters power naps and a few outdoor distractions as we packed while he played. We got a little done but had tons of fun!

Here Carter and Papa play on a wooden slide that Papa made almost 40 years ago....still being enjoyed today!

Carter and Nana busy at work as they decorate the driveway with murals of butterflies and scribbles! My little Monet!!

Tony Hawk watch out!! Carter found daddy's old skateboard and had a blast riding it up and down the drive. A few scrapes later and look he is still smiling!!

At last, a water break from all that hard work. Playing outside just wipes you out!
(notice in the background that some things DID actually manage to get packed!)


Nana said...

I think Carter had the right idea...more play and less work! Looks like he had fun.

Sara said...

I spy...a random flip-flop on the ground in the sidewalk chalk picture! But Mrs. Wynberry has two shoes on, and so does Carter. Is it Cinderella's?

Cute pictures! I love real life captured on film...or a hard-drive.

Traci said...

Long live the slide and sooo many fun times of using it. Glad Carter was able to put his mark on it as well. Of course, the craftsmanship is outstanding to have lasted all of 35+ years!(If I had said 40 that would make us all feel really old!)