Friday, June 13, 2008

Carter 'N Clyde

NAY!! I mean yay!! It is finally complete. Carter was finally able to ride his rocking horse, which I have named Clyde, that daddy and Papa Wynberry made for his birthday! It is just never too late to get a gift like this. It is just beautiful and absolutely HUGE! I can now see why it took soooo long!

Isn't it beautiful!

Carter loves Clyde so much that if you mention it to him he will walk up and either kiss Clyde as he is doing above or he will pat him on the head as he rides. It is just too sweet for words!


Nana said...

Clyde has got to be the best rocking horse I have ever seen!! Kudos to the craftsmen!! I know Carter will enjoy it forever. What a great thing to pass from generation to generation.

Holly said...

Caryer is one lucky little boy!! I absolutely love Clyde...he and Carter will have so much fun!! Great job Matt and John!!