Monday, June 16, 2008

Lamb Lake 2008

So, here we are having a blast at the lake. It was HOT and the water was cool...what more could we ask for?!? Except for Shawna and Don to be there next time! Carter thought he was just the coolest kid ever as he got to steer the boat. The horn button was his absolute favorite...he figured that one out in no time!
Here he is hangin' out with a few of his biggest fans....Nana, Auntie A, and Gustavo!

Carter and Ceili diggin' up sand and soakin' up the sun!
Out little water babies have so much fun together!!

Here is a group shot of the us at the waterfall. You cannot really get a real sense of it from this picture but the waterfall is HUGE, like 60 ft and really pretty! We love hiking down to it whenever we are at the lake. This time we took our camera's with us!

Just the three of us posing for a family photo!! Don't know if I have ever told you but I love these guys!!

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Nana said...

It was a GREAT weekend. Dad and I are so glad we were able to be together and enjoy the water and sun. I think we may just have a ship captain on our hands! Just missed the MAGERS being there! Hopefully they can join us next time.