Monday, June 23, 2008

Hands down, he's the best!!

He is just the best daddy that any boy, or girl, could ever ask for! The way he interacts with Carter just fills my heart with joy and my tummy with butterflies. I love to do nothing more than sit back and watch them play. Yes, I usually end up either smiling or crying to see how much they love each other! How lucky Carter is to have such an awesome daddy!
Here are a few pictures of Matt and Carter on Father's Day. We went to Mallow Run's Father's Day Strawberry Festival. It was hot and the shortcakes with ice cream were yummy!

I just love that smile!! He couldn't be happier than he was here playing outside at the winery with daddy! There was food, music, sunshine, and for mommy and daddy a glass of wine!

The next day, actually on Father's Day, we took daddy to the zoo! Carter really enjoyed seeing all of the animals, especially the giraffes that he and daddy got to feed. Yum, Yum!
We even got to watch an elephant being bathed and having his tusk brushed. Too cute!

After the zoo we went to Auntie Holly and Uncle Justin's for a cookout. Carter and Ceili had so much fun chasing each other with the water hose and squirt guns. They are just too cute together! When they see each other their little eyes light up and their bellies start giggling with delight!

Here they are trying to decide who should drive...they both have their own ideas for that one!


Nana said...

I love the pictures!! I agree, Carter and Ceili do light up when they see each other. Looks like Matt had a wonderful Fathers Day weekend. He deserves it!

Holly said...

Love the pics and LOVE watching Ceili and Carter play together...they really do love eachother!!