Saturday, October 1, 2011

Turkey Run~~ August 2011

Matt and I have always loved to take a day and go hiking in Turkey Run State Park and we were so excited that this year Carter was able to hike over 3 miles with us all on his own. It included 3miles of hiking and over 400 stairs and 2 ladders, and the little cutie just kept putting one foot in front of the other! He was even able to scale this big boulder all on his own and waited patiently while I mustard up the nerve to climb it myself! I swear I think I get more cautious and more nervous as I age. I hate to see me when I am sixty!

Here we all are acting silly while having so much fun! Carter and I crawled into a cave and acted like bears while he and daddy had a punching match at the punch bowl. Then it was off to skipping rocks...but don't skip that one it is shaped like a heart! A perfect rock for my two loves!

Carter and daddy tried their hand at fishing but the fish weren't having bites but lots of smiles!

And, while we were hiking we kept coming across the cutest little Amish family...umm so they were cute but they weren't little. They had to charter a bus there was so many of them! Anyways, I desperately wanted a picture of this one little boy with his blonde bowl cut hair, blue eyes, suspenders with his shoes off resting against a wooden fence. But out of respect I just passed by making a mental note of the cutest little thing! Then after we were fishing we climbed the hill to find this....their bikes and all their clothes and them running full force into the lake! So I settled for a picture of their bikes!

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