Monday, October 24, 2011

Down on the Farms

On Friday, Matt took a much needed and well deserved day off work to spend time with me and Carter. We started the day off at Traders Point Creamery touring the farm, hiking, and of course taking tons of pictures. We finished up with lunch at The Loft and walked out enjoying off-the-farm yummy! We had clear blue skies, crisp autumn air and enough barns and farm animals to make my heart smile!

Later that afternoon Carter donned his Capt Jack costume and we met up with family at the Indianapolis Zoo Boo. The kids loved trick-or-treating in their costumes at the zoo and seeing the animals so active was an added bonus!

Aren't they all just the cutest little trick-or-treaters you have ever seen?!

And then on Sunday we took Carter to Stonycreek Farm to pick a pumpkin. All I can say is "LOVED IT!"

From the oh so pretty trees to the big barns and all the animals to the hayride and pumpkin patch, this place was so much fun! I believe my favorite part was that the pumpkin patch is in the midst of their Christmas Tree farm which for me is pure bliss, joining two of my most favorite things...fall and Christmas and then you through my hubby and my son into the mix and I was in pure heaven!!

So above, I am pretty sure that Betty is asking Bob, "so, umm, how exactly do you think we can get out of this cage". and I am pretty sure that I heard Carter answer that you have to crawl through the tractor tires, slide down the huge slide and laugh all the way home! Have I ever told you that I have a secret love for chickens.

and a pure crush on these heart skips a beat!

He is just too handsome for words!
and so is this old brick barn with red trim and rotten heart skips a beat again!

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Nana said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! The pictures are awesome!