Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept 6, 2011 Back to School

So here he is on our new front porch posing for his back to school pictures. He was all smiles and all poses for his big day! And when he got to school he was excited to know that one of his teachers Mrs Parker, was actually one of my preschool teachers 27 years ago....and she is just as excited to have him! And I of course was excited that he got her and Mrs Basch because she welcomes him everyday with a smile and a hug and sometimes even a kiss. I love the fact that while he is there he is being cared for by women who really love kids and really love teaching!

But i really don't like how stinkin' big he is looking! I wish I could just push pause!
Nothing says back to school like mums for the teachers and a big red school door!

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