Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun times

so a few weekends ago Carter tried roller skating for the very first time!

at first it was as if he was walking on legs of jello...either clinging to the wall

or holding tight to daddy's leg.

then it was on to holding hands

and finally on to braving it out on his own....well I mean just a few feet from me to Matt. But he was finally by he end of the hour brave enough to try it on his own and when he did fall he just got back up and tried again and when he fell again he did some funny little foot work and said, "i didn't fall, I am break dancing"! Right Carter, keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel better!

Then the next day, we left it to the pros and went and saw Disney on Ice,Toy Story 3!
It was just as cute as the movie and the kiddos had a really good time being spoiled!

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Nana said...

Roller skating reminds me of when I was young! I went every weekend! Looks like Carter caught on to roller skating quickly. Papaw and I had alot of fun at Disney on Ice, it was great watching the kiddos faces. They got so excited! Thanks for letting us tag along.