Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Promise

We thank you January for countless days of snuggling on the couch, wearing our PJ's long into the day, movie nights with homemade popcorn and for leaving us with days that seem to be growing longer! You have held true to your promise of long nights, bitterly cold days, and blessed us with just enough snow to have a little fun!

Oh my love, you make my heart smile a mile wide!!


Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH! THOSE PICTURES OF YOU AND CARTER ARE ADORABLE.. IT IS LOVE!!!! You are so beautiful and you are such a wonderful mommy!

Nana said...

Great pictures! Besides the snow being so beautiful, it was a great winter for sledding. I am so glad that Carter got to go out and have some snow fun! I love the picture of you and Carter laying in the snow. If you look at the one of you and Carter on the sled, you will see why I say he looks so like you!!