Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Full of fun

I have to say that this was a Christmas full of family, fun, and laughter! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than to spend it with those that we love!
This year, Carter was determined to get a bow and arrow set. He asked every single person he talked to for it and he is lucky that the guy in the big red suit came through for him. It came complete with a target as well as a outdoor deer target. It's a little redneck, but if you know Carter than you will know that it suits him just fine. He is a boy that is all about John Deere's, cowboy boots, bumpy roads, and country music. So, the guitar that we bought him was just as fitting!
We always have so much fun when we get together with family and I think the pictures below can speak for themselves. There was plenty of lovin, laughin' and little feet everywhere! and we can always count on Uncle Justin to be the goof of the family! Below he is sporting a dickie, a sweater, the Hang Over t-shirt we bought him, and his name tag! Just a tiny glimpse of the fun we have when we are together!

Mom and dad thought it would be fun to get all the guys and kiddo's marshmallow guns so that we can have marshmallow wars when we go camping this summer. No campground needed here. Just a bag full of mini's and wide open spaces and war was declared!

Next up, some quality time with the Wynberry's. Uncle Travis made the big trip in from Cali and little Granny was able to break free for a few hours and join us from the nursing home. We are so blessed!

So, years ago we bought this bunny suit for Jack as a little Christmas prank from the Christmas Story movie. Jack surprised us all when he actually wore this suit until it just could not fit any longer. The times of watching him run around the yard as a bunny are gone but the legend lives on now as he has passed it on to Carter!
can I just say, step aside Dancing With The Stars. Your show has nothing on these dance moves. By the looks of it we are all destined to be dancers!!
Well, we had a Christmas that was just as funny as these pictures and as great as the memories we created. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Nana said...

Great pictures! Ok, now I am ready for Christmas again!!! I love when we are all together, it is loud, it is crazy but most of all it is fun and filled with lots of love. Thanks for the memories.