Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All smiles and two thumbs up

It was all smiles and two thumbs up for Huber Winery Pumpkin Pickin'! There is no better way to spend a fall day than with a crisp chill in the air, blue skies, tons of pumpkins and apple cider!

Carter finds a seat just his size and takes a break from a long afternoon of wagon rides and pumpkin picking!

He picks the perfect one!

Pulling up yet another seat to rest those tired feet! It is hard work running around from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to find just the right one!

When all is said and done, I asked Carter what he thought of the orchard and this was his response...a huge smile and two thumbs up!!

Have I ever mentioned, that "I heart my men"!!


City Living said...

how cute! Looks like you guys had a perfect day there!

Nana said...

I love the picture of Carter sitting in the tractor wheel! Looks like you had great pumkin pickin weather!!

Holly said...

Thanks for going with us to the pumpkin patch - glad you were able to spend the day with us down there! It's one of our favorite things to do in the fall...and what better way to spend it than with family?!?! The kiddos had a great time - cute pictures!!