Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cowboy Carter

After weeks of wanting to be a train and then a few more weeks of wishing to be a bat, Carter finally decided to dress up as a cowboy for Halloween....and I think he might just be the cutest little cowboy I have ever seen. And, well, since he is my only one, I took about thousand pictures. Here are just a few of my favorites.

We completed the costume with vest, chaps, rope, hat, boots and even a little campfire coffee tin that was Carters great grandfathers.

Just couldn't resist taking a picture of his cute little buns in blue jeans and chaps.

Our pumpkins....mines a haunted house, Carters is a bat with moon and Matt's is a tree with tombstones....very spooky don't you think?

Cowboys and Indians for the annual Halloween Party at Holly and Justin's house

This year as we headed out the front door to go Trick~or~Treating Carter had a slight meltdown because he wanted to ride his bike...and well since it is all about him , that is exactly what he did. He did such a good job! He rode his bike from house to house and stopped about million times but he had so much fun! And personally, I found the pictures to be kind of cute!


Nana said...

Great pictures!! He is the cutest cowboy I have ever seen!! You did an awesome job on his costume. I truly love the picture of his little buns in chaps and the ones of him riding off into the sunset on his bike!! Carter, you had a great idea to ride your bike.

Holly said...

Looks like Cowboy Carter had a Happy Halloween and a great time trick-or-treating!! He makes such a cute little cowboy...love the pics of him riding his bike!!

City Living said...

Oh so cute. I love that he rode his vintage tricycle!! He is so stinkin adorable.. no bias here, he is only my godson lol