Friday, October 2, 2009

Carter goes to Stay and Play

A few weeks ago Carter and I started going to Stay and Play once a week at a local church. It is such a neat opportunity to meet new people, play with new kids, and learn simple instructions and listening skills from a teacher but still have all the comforts of having your mommy there. So, every Tuesday from 9-1030 Carter gets to "go to school" as he calls it and he even requested SEVERAL times for a "pack-pack". Usually when we get there he tells me "mom, I do it myself. I play with friends and you go home". Then usually about 30 minutes into it he is done playing with others and spends the rest of the time playing and doing crafts with me...he still needs his momma!!
He enjoys making crafts but I think what he likes even more is when he gets to bring it home to show daddy.

I just love this picture because you can tell in his smile that he is truly having fun!!


Holly said...

I am soooo glad Carter likes his Stay 'n Play Class! Ceili loved going to school there...Mrs. Rippy is such a great teacher!! Looks like he is having fun...maybe Keaton can join him around February!!

Nana said...

I'm so glad that Carter is having fun at "school". I know he loves to do crafts. It's hard to believe he is old enough already. Where did the time go???