Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend

Matt and Carter take a break from playing during our annual Fathers Day Camping Trip!
Three years ago Matt decided that he wanted to make Fathers Day an annual camping trip for he and Carter....which I will continue to tag along until I feel Carter is old enough to go motherless, which might be several years from now:) Matt, you are such an amazing husband and an awesome daddy to Carter. You are one of the greatest dads that I know! I love the way you love us!
Anyways, this years camping trip had a nice little twist....the entire Mennel family! We all got together and went camping like we used to when I was little. It was fun having all the aunts and uncles plus all the new little grandbabies around! I think at last count there were 79 of us! And that isn't even all of us. How fun is that! Well, thanks Matt for sharing your weekend with so many. I think we all had so much fun being together!

Here are two of the other greatest dads that I dad and my grandpa!

The kids enjoying a nice little water balloon fight!

At the family pitch-in my cousin Natalie went from table to table making all the kids balloon animals. Carter loved it and he thought he was really cool wearing the hat that she made.

My Aunt Carol is always so full of fun and exciting surprises. For the get together she orchestrated an entire Field Day for the kids complete with an egg toss, balloon toss and more! Thanks Aunt Carol, the kids had a blast!

Little Mr Smiles cheesing for the nephew Keaton

The kids all having fun at their campsite dance party. Have you ever just turned on music for a group of kids and watched what is just too funny words. Carter even broke out in some awesome cartwheels for us.

Papaw and Carter talking to the Indian while he demonstrated the axe block throwing.
Well, that's it, that was our weekend. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed being there. Probably not, but we had fun!

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Nana said...

Great pictures! I know dad and I enjoyed the weekend. I am so glad everyone was there, well almost everyone...we missed Ashley!!