Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The 2009 Mount Comfort Airshow

Over the weekend Nana and Papa Wynberry came to visit and we spent Saturday afternoon enjoying ourselves at the 2009 Mount Comfort Airshow.
Above is the Air force's A10 Warthog
Notice how the nose of the plane is painted, this was done as a threat to enemy's years ago and the Air force continues to paint this way today.
I always love to watch the Golden Knights parachute from 3000-5000 ft. They are unbelievable! This year I was shocked as they combined three individual jumpers midair to make a three man pyramid that separated just seconds before landing.

Below, Fat Albert from the US Marines takes flight just moments before the Blue Angels take to the sky!

And here they are, the US NAVY Blue Angels!

Notice how close they are flying, which is only 1 yard apart. And in the second photo you can see that one is flying upside down!

We always have so much fun watching the airshow and we cannot wait to go again next year.


Nana said...

Looks like fun! Carter was still talking about it today!

june said...

These planes actually flew over our house as they were getting into formation for the airshow. Popa Bob saw them twice. Glad you were able to enjoy them.