Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Out with Thomas the Train

So, these are just a few weeks late but we are leaving to go out of town tomorrow and I really wanted to post a few pictures before we left...sorry they are so late. When we found out that Thomas the Train was coming we thought what better way to celebrate Miss Ceili's 4th birthday, never mind the fact that she also had the cutest little Candy Land birthday party, and feed Carters slight obsession with trains! So here are a few from our Day Out with Thomas the Train!
I don't know why but I really love this picture above and something about just kind of makes me giggle every time I see it. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that despite every attempt to get them to look at me this is the closest that I got to seeing their cute little faces....apparently Keaton is just far more exciting to look at!

All Aboard!!

Here we are on Thomas taking a nice little train ride through the countryside.

Auntie Holly, Uncle Justin, Ceili and Keaton!

The kids absolutely loved the Thomas petting zoo and pony rides....Nana on the other hand was armed and ready with GermX wipes.

I love when the boys get together....they are so stinkin' cute!

All smiles from our little guy.....and this is why we do the things we do. Nothing is better than seeing your child smile, even if his mouth is full of pretzels!

Keaton hanging out and taking a snack break

Ceili giggles as Holly pulls out all the old tricks in efforts to make her smile.

and finally....we meet Sir Topham Hatt!

Nothing like getting kisses from Nana and Papaw!

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Nana said...

What a fun day that was! Papaw and I had such a great time watching the kids get excited about the train and yes even the "petting zoo". All I could really think about was "all the germs".!! Even having a temperature didn't keep Carter's excitement down!!