Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I just love it

* when you pull daddy's face closer to yours for a kiss
* when I tell you that I am going to work and you say, "money, for me" and yes Carter, that is the very reason momma goes to work
* when I come home from work and you are always hiding but too excited to see me that you can hardly even stand in your hiding spot.
* when you climb up on the couch and say "tall fork" meaning tall fort and proceed to strategically place all the pillows in different arrangements to build a fort, a ship, or whatever else your little mind comes up with.
*when your ship is complete that you climb inside and say, "I, Taptain Tarter" aka Captain Carter
*when you sit and watch a movie and say you want "pop-porn" completely meaning popcorn
*when we are in the car and you ask to hear your favorite song
*when we are at home and I catch you playing daddy's guitar while singing your favorite song
* when you ask me to "come play" with you
*when you say, "I help you"
* when I have a headache and you ask "mom, you feel?" which not surprisingly always melts my heart and instantly I am feeling better
* when you want us to lay down with you and you cover us with your blanket
* when you say "wove you"
* when we cannot hear you as we drive away so you scream "bye" as loud as possible
* when you insist on wearing your pajama shirts all day
* when you want to wear your Buzz Lightyear socks 4 days in row...we have multiple pair
*when you ask me "why" at least 500 times a day
*when you can recall at least one of the reasons that I gave to your constant "why" questions
* when you ask me to sing to you and then you always pick what songs you want me to sing, and that you always smile no matter how bad or how off key it might be
* when you hold up one finger to your mouth and whisper "shhh" because you had just tucked in one of your many toys for a nap
*when we tuck you in at night and you say "I sleep in your room"
*when you wake up in the morning and say "morning momma, morning daddy"
*when you get a special treat and you say "a prize, for me"
*when I can sit back and watch you just having fun being the absolutely adorable, always curious 2 year old that you are!

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Nana said...

Carter you are such a sweet, loving little boy! I love it when you tease me about not kissing me goodbye, then when I say ok, I don't want one you quickly want to give me oh so many kisses!! Nana and Papaw love you!