Monday, April 20, 2009

Down on the farm

We are so glad that this week was absolutely beautiful. Not only did we get some much needed yard work done but we were also able to spend countless hours playing outside, and yes Chic was included! Matt and I had so much fun watching Chic follow and chase Carter around the yard! You can see in the first picture that Chic already has most of her wing feathers and is starting to get tail feathers also. In just the 1 week that we have had her she has already gotten taller, gained weight, received her feathers, and her legs and feet have gotten bigger and wider. I never knew that a little peep could grow so fast! Since she is growing so fast and has nearly hopped out of her crate a few times we made the trip to my friend Jill's farm so that Carter could see where Chic will be living....with acres up acres for her to roam around with all her little friends and not be cooped up!

Of course, of course, it would not be a farm without several tractors....and yes Carter got to sit on each and every one of them!

Carter and Jill petting one of the little goats!

Momma and Carter petting the goats and then quickly after taking this being nearly knocked over by the sweet little things.

Jill and Floyd also have 30 head of "Buppalo" as Carter kept calling them. It was so neat to see these big animals up close. We were so lucky because two days before we went there they had their first baby of the season, a couple weeks early. If you look you can see the baby laying down by the mom. A few seconds after this picture the entire herd starting running to the back was amazing to see and it really did sound like rolling thunder! If you ask Carter about the "buppalo" his favorite thing to tell you is that he got to see them run!

Just a few of Jill's bigger chickens and her rooster!

Her goats just hanging out and having fun!

Above Carter is just meandering around the farm going from one thing to the next!
The "Scrapalo" was Floyd's winter welding project and it sits out by the road greeting all the passer-bys! Matt was pretty impressed so we drove down and he snapped a few shots of it!

Daddy and Carter heading over to take a look at all the tractors!
We had so much fun seeing all the animals and enjoying the sounds of being miles out from anywhere and hearing absolutely nothing but the goats and the chickens. How peaceful! It was also nice for Carter to see all of Chic's new friends.


Nana said...

What a neat farm. I am sure Chic will have a wonderful time. I love the picture of Matt and Carter walking to look at the tractors!!

auntiea said...

Oh cute! Looks like you guys had a great time and that Chic has a great new home!!

june said...

I think Carter is well on his way to being a farmer! The pictures are so cute and I know he will be sad when Chic has to go to the farm.