Monday, December 15, 2008

Breakfast with HoHo

This past weekend we took Carter to Breakfast with Santa at the Ayres Tea Room at the Indiana State Museum. Every day since the Polar Express he has been asking for "hoho" and you would know the morning that we wake him up to go to breakfast with Santa he says "no". Great....this ought to be a blast. And it was! Once we got there he was all smiles and again asking repeatedly for "hoho".

As soon as he sat on Santa's lap, without hesitating I might add, he immediately starting saying "choo, choo" and "truck". I guess those are just a few of his little request and I am almost certain that Santa will do his best!!
We all pose for a little family photo!

He, however, wasn't too fond of Mrs. Claus. Notice how he is keeping a watchful eye on her and I couldn't put him down either, so there, a picture of me, Carter and Mrs. C.

Carter and daddy sit patiently as the artist draws a caricature of Carter.

Here is Carter showing off his picture. He kept saying, "me, me"....yes Carter that is you with blond hair...what?!?!
Any how, it is still cute!

Gosh, can you tell we have a kid that is slightly in to trains. Every place we go we end up taking a train ride to something. This was the holiday train at museum that circled in front
of Santa's house and workshop. Too cute!

This time daddy got to ride!!


Nana said...

I love it!! Looks like a great time. I am sure Carter enjoyed the train ride. I'm glad he loves Santa this year.

Erica Russell said...

It looks like Carter loves Santa! Claire and Abby both want NOTHING to do with him. They are so scared that we are doing christmas without santa this year...sad i know. We will save ourselves the nightmares!