Monday, December 1, 2008

The Adventures of "Nutz"....Carters Bear

A few months ago Carter and I went shopping with Nana and Carter just fell in love with this bear so of course Nana bought it for him. Just a few short days after that daddy asked Carter, "What is your bears name?" and Carter replied, " Nuts". So, very quickly Carter and Nutz became the best of friends and here is just a short list of the fun things they have done together. Carter is just so sweet to this bear! But don't call him bear. The other day I referred to him as bear and Carter said, "No, momma, Nutz!". I am so sorry, I will never make that mistake again.
With gulping sound effects and all, Carter shares his milk with Nutz!
Carter and me sharing apples during one of the last very nice fall days and Nutz just couldn't be left inside. He even got to try an apple and Carter was extremely concerned because Nutz doesn't have teeth.

Later that same day as we were playing in the loft and I hear Carter saying, "Momma, Look" "Nutz, poo poo". I turn the corner from the loft and see this, too funny not to run down stairs and grab the camera.

As you can see, Nutz also keeps Carter company while he is bathing. And, just a side note (no picture) bear, I mean Nutz, some how made in into the shower with momma the other day while Carter was playing with toys in the bathroom. I wonder how that happened as Carter looked on laughing saying, "Nutz, wash". Hilarious!

Carters little lunch buddy!
This was obviously taken like a month ago on account of the Halloween cup and bib. But if you look close you can see that Nutz has his own bib, cup and bowl.

Carter takes Nutz for a ride on his bulldozer!


Nana said...

I love the adventures of "Carter and Nutz" so very sweet. I am so glad that Carter loves his bear.

Erica Russell said...

How cute is that!!! I love it! LOVE the new blog format. Where did you get it?

Sara said...

This is the best post ev-ah. Oh there are so many nuts jokes to be made, but I will hold back and just say this is adorable. And I'm glad to see Carter likes nuts as much as you do. Ok, so I had to get one in.