Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last Friday we made our way over to Connersville, IN for the Polar Express Train Ride. We took along a few friends, Nana and Papaw, and Auntie Holly and Uncle Justin and of course Ceili and Keaton....we had a blast. We all know that Carter is slightly obsessed with trains and since it is the holiday season we thought this was a perfect fit. Little did we know, how completely cute and awesome this experience would be. Truly for Christmas believers of all ages!


The train was refinished from end to end to mimic the train in the book. From the sign in the front to the peddler ghost on top (well he actually walked inside to see the kids) to the chefs serving hot chocolate and cookies inside, the volunteers that prepared this special event took every detail into consideration and really made it a special night all about the kids.

Above Carter poses with the conductor before hopping on the train!

Even down to the golden tickets that the conductor came to each and every child to hole punch with their first initial....these people didn't forget a step. How neat to have the book and the movie and now the special golden ticket with the letter "C". I was probably a little more excited than Carter and I thought that it was so neat I actually teared up a bit.

Here we are getting ready to enjoy the countryside train tour....notice Carter is even sporting Christmas PJ's.

Auntie Holly, Uncle Justin, Ceili, Keaton and yeap that is Papaw too!

Carter and his Nana and Papaw

I am so glad that they were able to join us and watch the kids giggle with delight and stare with complete awe of Santa's North pole Workshop.

Ceili and Carter are modeling their PJ's

Carter gets to visit with Santa....for like 5 minutes! It was honestly the longest and most talkative encounter I have ever seen with a Santa and Carter loved it. Now every time he sees a picture of Santa he says, " I want, a HoHo!"

Here's Keaton enjoying his Christmas cookie

and to say good-bye, here is one of Carter and Ceili watching Santa meet with other kiddos. Isn't it sweet how completely in awe they are of him. They must have sat there for what seemed like forever just watching....and to think that they even got to bring home a bell as a reminder of their night at the North that is for believers!!

I hope that sometime during this holiday season we can all have a moment with a childs heart and truly believe and envelop ourselves, not only in Santa, but in CHRISTmas!!


Nana said...

I feel like I am there all over again. It was a great evening. Everyone should take the time to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. It is awesome. Especially when it is your grandchildren.

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