Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just my thoughts!

Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were calling everybody telling them to hurry to the hospital because little Carter was making his big debut just about 4 weeks early. It took everybody by surprise but the biggest surprise was yet to come. How can something so small grab a hold of your heart so quickly and change your life forever?! Now, it is hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly. Where does the time go? Over the past year, Matt and I have found great joy in watching Carter learn and grow. From learning to hold his head up to rolling over and now walking laps around all my furniture. It is simply amazing to witness this little 6 lb 13 oz baby who is so completely dependent on you for everything grow into a 19 lb walking, talking, playing machine! Nobody could have told us that parenthood would be this fulfilling and rewarding! Not only has our love for Carter grown with each new day but our love and relationship for each other has also been enriched with this addition to our family. We have found a deeper sense of love, respect, trust, and commitment by sharing this joy of parenthood together. Simply put....our life rocks and who could ask for more!!


auntiea said...

It is so amazing watching you all grow into these wonderful mommies. The kids all warm my heart everytime I see their faces or hear a story about them.Kids are truly gifts from God!

Nana Mennel said...

Parenthood is the greatest gift, or so I thought until I became a grandparent!! Both are absolutely wonderful. You can never get tired of watching them grow and discover, even when they are mommies and watching them as they discover the joy's of parenthood.