Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday dear Carter, Happy Birthday to you!! That was the first song he heard as mommy and daddy woke him Saturday morning and he loved hearing the new song! He thought it was hilarious to hear us sing something different. Then it was off to the kitchen for breakfast. A few years ago Matt started making me my "Birthday Breakfast" which consist of pancakes in the shape of my age. Well, since it was Carter's first birthday Matt was really excited to get up and continue his birthday breakfast tradition! Below are a few pictures of Carters special meal....he is so lucky to have such an awesome daddy!!

I have never quite been able to conquer the difficult task of icing cakes. Whether it is the icing, the utensils, or simply just me, my poor cakes just never look very pretty. But that did not stop me from attempting to decorate Carter's smash cake. No matter what it looked like, he still had a little fun putting his fingers in it and taking a taste!

Even though I made his smash cake I was not gutsy enough to make the big I had it made to match the invites. By the amount that we had left over it must not only have looked cute but it must have been really yummy! There's Carter in his precious little birthday outfit exploring some of the packages that he just couldn't wait to rip into! He had so much fun playing with all the paper and boxes and later that night he just kept going from one new toy to the next. He couldn't make up his mind which one he actually wanted to play with...he loved them all!

At first, Carter was a little overwhelmed by the amount of people that were there cheering him on as he ate his cake. Then he finally went for it...for a short while at least. I don't think he really enjoyed getting his hands dirty. His hands all covered with cake went straight to the hair which acted like a towel removing all the major clumps of icing. His hair smelled so yummy after that but way too sticky to leave! Had he only known a bath was coming perhaps he would have had a little more fun with the icing. Maybe next year!

Here is just a picture of Carter's Birthday Banner. I made his cute little door banner so that we can use it every year on his Bday! I thought it would be a cute way to celebrate for years to come!


auntiea said...

youre such a great hostess. the party was so cute! I cant believe he is one already! Such a little man he is turning into. I love the before picture of him by his cake, he looks so big!

Holly said...

His party was so cute - you did a great job! It's hard to believe he is ONE already!!! What a fun little man he is becoming!!

Nana Mennel said...

Carter had a wonderful 1st birthday!! Everything was beautiful and tasted great. He loved opening all his gifts. I am glad he had such a wonderful day.

Shawna said...

The party was awesome.. you did a fantastic job! Love all the snapshots of his big day! Maybe by July I'll have Keira's on my blog!