Friday, March 28, 2008

Hippity Hoppity!

Ok, so I truly believe that one of these years, one of these holidays, that Carter will look back at these photos and wonder why in the world we found it so necessary to torture him with this larger than life, man in a white costume, none talking Easter Bunny. (and to think we did it at Christmas too) But isn't it cute and what a classic reaction?!
Here are all the grandkids trying to synchronize their smiles and their ability to sit still long enough for us to get a picture at church with all the pretty flowers. Have you ever tried to get 6 kids, four of whom are under the age of three, to all smile at the same time? I think it is virtually impossible but this was a pretty good shot at it.

We spent Easter weekend dying eggs, watching old home videos, and hanging out with all the Mennel girls and our families. I just love watching all the kids get together and play. They have so much fun when they are together. We are so lucky to have such a close family and I think that it is really special that Carter is getting a chance to be raised with all his cousins. I remember growing up in a large family with all my cousins nearby and the fun we created will never be forgotten. I hope the same is true for Carter and that the years ahead be filled with family, friends, and fun times!


auntiea said...

Easter was such a great weekend! it was so nice seeing everyone!!

p.s. that easter bunny pic is too cute.

Sara said...

That is so stinkin' precious. I love that he is throwing a fit. I'll take a picture with emotion over fake smiles any day!

Nana Mennel said...

Easter was great. Dad and I love having all of us together. The kids are so much fun to watch playing together. The Easter eggs are beautiful!!