Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas times a coming....

and it just wouldn't be the same without snow. Carter loved standing at the patio door watching the snow fall so we decided to bundle him up and let him experience it first hand. He loved it.... until he fell over and couldn't get up! Below Carter is measuring the very first snow before his very first Christmas....too bad it warmed up and now it is nearly all melted. There is more to come I am sure!! OK yes I realize that his coat has a hood attached so why bother with the silly hat...well if you must know, the coat is only 6-9 mo but his little head measures more like 24 need I say more, he has to wear a separate hat. It's cute though, right?

Carter has really enjoyed our Christmas tree. The first couple weeks it was up he would just crawl right by but now we cannot keep him away from it. He absolutely loves the train that daddy bought him to go around the tree. He will just sit there and watch it go around and around and every time it makes the bend coming towards him he gets all excited and laughs so hard he nearly falls down. It truly is so sweet to watch him get so excited every time!

He has also discovered that his little red chair is just the perfect size to push over to the tree, reach the ornaments and look at the lights.

Just a few pictures I thought some of you might enjoy! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, family, and moments to remember forever!

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Nana Mennel said...

He looks so cute sitting there in the snow. I love the one of him in the rocking chair. Love you guys!!